While this story does begin with heartache, it ends in the best way possible. Sadly, because there are so many things wrong in the world, people feel that doing anything will end futilely. But that is not the case at all. Let this story prove to them that this notion is far from true. And every living thing deserves a chance!

This is Recka’s story.

Baby Recka was found in a horrific state. He was somehow separated from his mother, possibly dumped by his owner, and then hit by a car. He lay, totally helpless, withering away into nothing. At the time of rescue, Recka weighed only 1 kilogram – the equivalent of 2.2 pounds!

Luckily, someone with a kind heart picked him up and decided to get him medical treatment. In this specific part of the world, medical care for animals is extremely expensive but that didn’t stop the animal rescuer She Rojas. Miss Rojas felt that Recka deserved a chance at life and of course, she was right!

Once at the vet’s office, Recka had a thorough exam. All of his injuries were addressed including his severe malnutrition. His little bony body was cleaned up. They had to make sure his abrasions didn’t get infected.

Although Recka couldn’t stand yet on his own, he was motivated to eat– which was an excellent sign! This little guy wanted to live!

Recka was also diagnosed with mange. He had to get daily medicated baths and topical ointment. His new mama was happy to help with that! He was a trooper through all of it!

With a diet high in calories, Recka began gaining weight at lightning speed. He also received oral supplements to help build up his immune system.

Amazingly, with love and proper care, the teeny tiny puppy transformed into a healthy vibrant boy!

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