An incident in Gold Coast left all the beach-goers rattled when a mighty shark tried to prey on a tiny pet dog. In a video captured by visitor Simon Goodchild, we witness how these scary events unfolded in a matter of seconds.


Source: Simon Goodchild/Facebook


Apparently, the dog was busy playing a game of fetch with his owner. However, a heavy current took the ball far into the ocean. The dog was so focused on his game that he followed the ball and got swept away into the current, until he was stranded 50 yards away into shark territory.

Reece Muir, the lifeguard present at the beach, was very alert and acted fast. He took his paddle board and jumped right into the water. By this time, the dog was exhausted and drowning, while a shark’s fin was approaching to prey on the poor dog. Reece paddled even faster when he saw that a storm was quickly approaching.


Source: Simon Goodchild/Facebook


In a heart-stopping moment, Reece finally reached the dog and scooped him up on his board. Without wasting another second, Reece kept on paddling back until the dog was in the safe arms of his owner. Reece’s speed and bravery not only saved the dog, but also earned him a big applause from the people for his dedication to protect every life on the beach!

Click the video below to watch Reece’s life-saving act in those crucial few seconds as the shark approached the dog!