When 38-year-old Georgia resident, Quincy Reid, heard some abandoned dogs barking in his neighborhood, he decided to do something about it. The kind man grabbed a bucket of dog food from his home and fed the animals several times, along with giving them water.

The owner of those dogs found out about this kind deed and called Reid to tell him he didn’t need help with the dogs because someone was coming to get them. At the time, the dogs’ owner was in jail. No one ever showed up for the helpless pups. Reid kept feeding them and making sure they had access to water. Weeks later, another neighbor called the cops about the dogs.

When Newton County deputies finally showed up at the backyard, two dogs were dead and the other two were malnourished. They made two arrests: one of the woman now living in the home and the other of Quincy Reid, the kind man who was feeding them. He was arrested on cruelty charges because he stopped feeding the dogs and didn’t notify the owner.

“I really was scared because I was like what did I do?” Reid stated. “Feed the dogs and got locked up?”

Reid’s wife, Ashley, got a letter from the dogs’ owner stating her husband was not responsible for the dogs’ care and was just trying to help. Sadly, Reid was on probation from an old drug conviction so he had to sit in jail for three months until his day in court for a crime he did not commit.

After local media got involved, the Newton County District Attorney’s Office dismissed the charges against Reid, and the Probation department followed suit. He talked to media after his release from jail.

“Just think twice before you do something,” he shared.  “Even though to help somebody out is good, sometime it can turn out bad.”

The complete story can be seen in the video below.

Feature photo: Bob S/Flickr