Authorities in San Antonio are looking into an alarming case of animal cruelty after a 4-year-old Rottweiler was shot and left to die on an illegal dumping ground. The dog, named Remington, was rescued by Stephanie Young and her daughter after they found him bleeding profusely.



Remington was shot in his face and his front left paw. He had lost a lot of blood, but he somehow miraculously survived after receiving emergency care. However, his bones have been crushed to pieces and he is now recovering in a cast. Cops believe that Remington’s face was shot at point-blank range, while he got shot in the legs while trying to escape his abusers.

Remington was found on the rural area off W.W. White Road, and the local animal activists are worried about the area becoming a haven for illegal dumping. As many as 2 dogs get abandoned in the hazardous junkyard every week, and it is highly likely that many of them are ensnared and tortured by animal abusers.



Stephanie is hoping that Remington’s original owners find him in case he was stolen. If no one claims him within the next 30 days, he will be put up for adoption. Meanwhile, the cops have launched an investigation into this case. You can share any information on this case, or report a separate case of animal dumping in the area to Bexar County Animal Control Services at 210-335-9000. Spread the word.