The rescue group Howl Of A Dog ran a spay/neuter campaign in a rural area of Romania. While there, they met a brown dog they later name Remy. Every morning, as the volunteers arrived, Remy made his way over to greet them. The volunteers noticed that Remy had a large scar on his face.

The scar was caused by a burn from a hot iron. Who would commit such a heinous act? But this is actually a ritual in this part of the world. In Romania, some folks believe that scolding a dog’s skin with a hot iron will build up their immune system and help them fight off distemper. Of course, this isn’t true. It’s just cruel with no proven benefit.

The volunteers also noticed that Remy had an injury to his ear. This poor guy had been through a lot! Remy’s favorite spot to sleep was in front of a grocery store in the shade. One of the workers in the store fed him daily so he knew if he waited there, on the sidewalk, he would get a decent meal.

Remy’s temperament is incredible. He’s such a happy boy! He was also neutered during the campaign. He was a brave boy throughout, and the volunteers truly couldn’t get enough of him.

You would think a dog like Remy, so sweet and out-going– that willingly gives tons of love– would be adopted in no time. Sadly, however, in places like Romania, dogs aren’t viewed like they are in other parts of the world. They’re seen as tools to guard houses and livestock. Some dogs are even viewed as pests.

They decided that Remy deserved a beautiful red collar so he wasn’t viewed as a stray anymore. Throughout their visit, no matter the weather, Remy came to see the volunteers. It was as if he had something to tell them.

Every chance they got, the volunteers tried to find a home for Remy. They spoke to everyone they could. They asked around if there was anyone that had a loving home for Remy but no one came forward. Not a single person wanted this sweet dog. It was astounding. That was when the rescue group decided they would not leave Remy behind.

Remy went to Greece. Maybe he could find a new home there. He’s now in his foster home where for the very first time, he has a roof over his head, toys to play with, friends and a warm bed. He’s happy and well-cared for but he’s missing one critical piece to his fairy tale ending… a family.

Let’s do our part and share Remy’s story so he finds his forever home. Please take the time to watch Remy’s rescue. It’s a beautiful story! And then pass this along by sharing this on your feed. The more people who see it, the better chance Remy has of finding his family! He deserves it! He’s available for adoption INTERNATIONALLY, including the USA! If you’re interested in adopting Remy, please click here!