For a dog on “death row,” his savior came too late but his story was far from over!

Candace Scheirer, president of Noah’s Ark Rescue Project And Sanctuary (NARPS), was contacted by a lifesaving team member from the Animal Care And Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT). They were trying to help a dog, named Tiny, that was already scheduled to be euthanized. Scheirer immediately fell in love with Tiny’s pictures, his face capturing her animal-loving heart. She agreed to pick him up and was urged to hurry.



But by the time Scheirer made it to ACCT, she was too late. They had begun the euthanasia process and would not let her in to see him. Still unwilling to give up, Scheirer insisted she was there to take Tiny and that she had made arrangements with the lifesaving team.

Turned out, by a twist of fate, Tiny was only given the first injection, a strong pre-euthanasia tranquilizer. He was knocked out but still alive! Scheirer continued to fight to take Tiny, and with help from the lifesaving team member, he was finally released to her, heavily sedated.

Tiny made his journey, asleep, to his new foster home. He was monitored closely for an entire day then, thankfully, he opened his eyes. Tiny’s brush with death was finally over!


His new foster home was filled with love and fun! Tiny bonded closely to their toddler. Just look at that hug!


Then, they got the best news of all! Andrew and Jessica Benevenuto decided to give Tiny a forever home. A dog that came so close to death was now getting the best new life with two loving humans.


Noah’s Ark Rescue Project And Sanctuary, Facebook

“As an open-intake organization with a high annual intake, ACCT Philly’s resources are extremely limited and Tiny needed more than we could provide him in a shelter setting,” a spokesperson for ACCT told The Dodo. “Thankfully, NARPS has the necessary resources to give him a second chance and we are very grateful they were able to save him.”


We are grateful too! Scheirer added, “It’s nothing short of a miracle that that dog is alive today. The icing on the cake is that he ended up being every bit as fantastic as we hoped he would be — and found his forever home just six days after his daunting save. We could not be happier for Tiny and his new adopters.”

Source: The Dodo, Photos from Noah’s Ark Rescue Project And Sanctuary