Michael Rhoney suffers from medication-resistant epilepsy, but his service dog, Olivia, was there for him every step of the way. Whenever he was having a seizure, the loyal dog was right by his side.

Sadly, Olivia is the latest victim of a hit and run leaving Michael without his beloved and necessary dog.

Source: Fox8

The Thomasville, North Carolina, man was standing in his front yard with his dog when a car went off the road. It hit the dog, leaving her with severe injuries. The car then sped away.

Michael told Fox 8 News, “They don’t stop to find out ‘Was it a dog? Was it a person? What was it?’ They didn’t even slow down. They kept going.”

Meanwhile, poor Olivia lay struggling to move, unable to stand up. Her back was unable to move at all.

Source: Fox8

After rushing the dog to the emergency vet, the family learned the grim news. Olivia’s chances of a full recovery were very small. Michael sat with the dog as she passed away.

Next to his wife and kids, Michael’s dog was the most important thing in his life. He doesn’t understand how someone could just drive away like that.

Source: Fox8

“Not having you stop hurt just as much, because you didn’t care, because it easily could have been one of the kids,” he shared.

Our deepest condolences to Michael and his family on this tragic loss.