When a call came in about a dead animal on the side of a road in Richmond, South Carolina authorities had no idea the upsetting path about to unfold before them.

While on the scene, deputies investigated an area nearby. Based on what they witnessed, they returned with both animal care workers and a warrant to seize pets on the property.

Source: dunedoo/Flickr

In total, eleven dogs and one horse were taken from a house not far from the dead animal’s remains. That dead animal turned out to be a Great Pyrenees breed, and four of the abused canines were also Great Pyrenees.

Although the owner was not arrested, he is scheduled to appear in court. At that time, ownership of the animals will be determined, which means they could possibly get new caring homes.

Sheriff Leon Lott shared that all animals should receive “appropriate shelter and care … especially during these hot summer days. To those with outside pets, ensure that they have the appropriate shelter, food, and water.”