The Long Beach Police and Animal Control launched an investigation after a woman witnessed a dog tied down with his mouth taped shut while riding in the bed of a pick-up truck down the 405 freeway northbound in Long Beach.

The witness, Erin Ryder, quickly caught the incident on video, and tried to get the driver to pull over. Eventually, he did and loosened the ropes and removed the tape from the dog’s mouth.

She tried to convince the driver to let her have the dog but he refused.

Upon closer examination, Ryder realized the dog had some skin injuries and mange and didn’t think the dog was well-cared for.

She contacted Long Beach Police, who ran the driver’s license plate, tracked him down and determined that no crime had been committed.

The dog, named Ringo, was used as a guard dog for his owner’s business. Animal Control seized Ringo from the owner’s possession, as well as his other dog, Barbie.

The owner claimed that the incident was a misunderstanding and that he didn’t intentionally harm Ringo.

According to the owner, he was bringing Ringo home from the vet after he was just diagnosed with foot cancer. He says he only taped Ringo’s mouth to prevent him for chewing the rope and jumping out of the truck bed.

The dogs will be examined for any signs of abuse before going to a dog rescue. There, they will get the care they need and will eventually be put up for adoption.