Every breed and size of dog, from Chihuahuas to Mastiffs, has the potential to be gentle, loving companions for children. Given the right training and circumstances, pups can be trusted to even get close to infants.

One family expecting a new baby in Dallas, Texas, though, didn’t care to take precautions so that their little bundle of joy would be safe around the family dog.

Instead, they quickly abandoned their loyal German Shepherd upon hearing the news they were expecting.

Their lop-eared happy boy, Rocco, didn’t have a history of violent actions, anxieties, or energetic outbursts.

In fact, he was simply a loyal and sweet companion.

Rocco was raised by his family, so when he was left at the shelter, it destroyed him. He was lost, depressed, and anxious.

He didn’t do anything wrong, so being left alone in a new place that was cold and hard must have been been confusing.

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Thankfully, a kind-hearted woman decided to foster Rocco until he found his forever home. He was completely unable to adjust to shelter life and was losing weight, becoming detached, and didn’t trust humans.

His abandonment hit him hard.

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Once his foster mom got him home, she cleaned him up, fed him, and introduced him to her own dogs. It was her goal to get his weight up, earn his trust, and transform him in to a happy, playful pup again!

She even set up an Instagram so that people from the shelter and potential new families could see his progress.

It took a while, but slowly, Rocco began to take down the walls he built when he was traumatized by being in the shelter.

It didn’t take long for two different families to apply to adopt the Texas pup. A tough decision had to be made.

Both families had dogs, so Rocco’s foster mom set up a “meet and greet” for everyone. Eventually, he went home with the family and dog he got along with best.

The family had a female White German Shepherd named Katja — and Rocco fell head-over-heels in love with her. The two bonded instantly!

Now, Rocco’s new mom has taken over his rescue Instagram, posting pictures of Rocco and Katja’s adventures together. Every day, the pair grow even closer.

Although he had to go through a lot to get where he is now, Rocco is living a happy life in a loving family. It’s a shame his family discarded him like trash, but he found a happy ending worth waiting for!