A woman named Eunice Lopez from El Paso, Texas, is demanding justice for her 11-month-old Husky puppy named Rocky, who died after a trip to the pet groomer. Eunice says that Rocky was limping, had multiple bruises to his abdomen, and a baseball-size lump on his neck. He succumbed to his injuries on the way to the vet’s.


Source: bpn/Pixabay | EL PASO POLICE DEPARTMENT/Facebook


The groomer in question is Luis Alberto Vargas, the owner of “Karlu Pet Grooming”. Luis maintains that Rocky was scared and difficult to groom, and might have suffered a seizure during the session. Locals believe that the current groomers do not require any certified training to operate legally, which often leads to the pets being mishandled.

After Rocky’s death, another woman has also come forward to share her horrible experience at Karlu’s. The woman’s miniature pup was also limping after a grooming session. However, the woman believes that rather than Luis, it is his new employee who is responsible for the ill-treatment of pets. We hope investigations reveal the truth. Do reach out to the cops if you have any further evidence on the abuse of pets at Karlu’s. Let’s get the word out.


Source: Eunice Lopez/Facebook | KTSM 9 NEWS/YouTube


Update: Cops arrested Luis on charges of cruelty to non-live stock animals causing death. However, he has been released on a bail of $3000. This incident has deeply saddened us. We trust our precious babies with the groomers, and incidents like this are truly upsetting. Do share with us your thoughts on this case.

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