My adorable rescue, Rory, has a special backstory. Sure, all of our pups are special but Rory came to us from a sad situation. She was dumped at a pound in rural Georgia at 6 months old.

While, of course, our other dogs mean the world to us, Rory had never experienced love nor kindness. We wanted to give her the best life possible. We decided to sign her up for BarkBox so she could have a monthly reminder of how much we want her to be happy. And how much playtime matters.

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Rory’s first BarkBox was a big hit. ( Please- Don’t mind my shrilly, excited, and a little annoying voice in the background)


But as she grew, and got stronger, so did her jaws. She was able to tear through almost anything so I called BarkBox and told them she may not be the best BarkBox candidate. Immediately, the awesome customer service rep suggested their Super Chewer box. After receiving her first box, not only was Rory hooked, we all were!

The Super Chewer box has ‘toys inside toys’ so if your dog rips through the outside toy, there’s a surprise inside that is compatible with aggressive chewers.

We also found out that Rory has a sensitivity to chicken and BarkBox treats are often made with the poultry offender. One more call to BarkBox and her monthly gift is now loaded with yummies made with bison, beef, salmon, and duck– instead of chicken.

Source: BarkBox

The company has been extremely accommodating and we never feel Rory’s monthly box is not worth the cost. Even when we buy her toys from ‘regular’ pet shops, she continues to prefer her BarkBox toys — plus they are more durable and way more adorable. Just look at Rory asking her mom to prom? 😂

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The only downside is now that Rory expects her BarkBox, she gets overly excited when any cardboard box makes it past the doorway. I guess it’s all worth it to see this deserving dog happy!

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