Minnesota’s Secondhand Hounds Rescue recently shared the miraculous story of a litter of 5 orphaned puppies. The 2-week-old puppies were surrendered to the shelter after their mother died of seizures. The puppies were not only devastated, but were also in desperate need of nursing and care.


Source: Secondhand Hounds/Facebook


Initially, the rescue was worried about the fate of these innocent lonely puppies. They eventually decided to place the puppies under the care of an adoptive mama dog. Enter Rosa, one of the shelter’s new dogs who had lost her prematurely-born litter about a week ago. The workers wondered if the grieving mama dog would be willing to adopt the orphaned litter.

Despite the workers’ doubts, Rosa immediately bonded with the 5 puppies. She started nursing them and cleaning them up with love. Gradually, her depression over losing her puppies subsided as she dedicated all her time toward caring for the lively litter.


Source: Secondhand Hounds/Facebook


The workers say that matching puppies with adoptive mamas doesn’t always work, as the mama might straight up reject the litter. It is truly a miracle that the sweet dog has whole-heartedly adopted the puppies and is raising them as her own. What an ideal match!

Click the video below to watch the heartwarming bond between Rosa and her adopted puppies!