When Jesi adopted puppy Inara from the Lawrence Humane Society in Lawrence, Kansas, she was told the dog was a golden retriever mix. But it soon became clear this pretty girl was so much more.

Gotcha day!

At 4 months old, Inara’s ears began their surprising transformation from soft and floppy to their epic and upstanding present glory of 6″ from head to tip.

Growing up so fast!

Jesi tells us Inara’s ears stand upright at all times—even in her sleep! That is unless she’s super-excited about something, in which case her ears slide back for aerodynamics.


Once it became clear that Inara’s heritage was a little more of a surprise than advertised, Jesi decided to do a Wisdom Panel DNA test to figure out just what went into her bat-eared beauty.

Ta Da!


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According to the DNA test, Inara is 37.5% German Shepherd, 25% American Staffordshire, 12.5% White Swiss Shepherd, 12.5% Labrador, and 12.5% unknown.


Now two years old, Inara is an 80-pound lap dog who stands over 2 feet high at the shoulder.

She’s a bat!

Inara is smart as a whip and has learned many tricks, from run-of-the-mill ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ to some sitting up like a squirrel and turning the lights on and off.

10 months old and definitely not growing into these ears

Her favorite toys are deer antler chews, her stuffed duckie, and, of course, tennis balls are always welcome.

Where’s Inara?

And her favorite treats are pumpkin, carrots, dried sweet potatoes, and apples.

The reveal

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Big-eared beauty all grown up

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