Finding a reliable dog-sitter can be quite the task. Thankfully, companies like Wag and Rover are making it easier for pet owners to find people to watch their fur babies. These companies list profiles of dog walkers and sitters, letting families hand-pick who watches their dog.

Unfortunately, trusting a stranger can be stressful, and as a California woman found out, it can result in a disastrous situation.

Rosie Brown needed someone to watch her fur babies while she was out of town at a wedding. Using Wag, she booked 4 1/2 days with 26-year-old Casey Brengle.

Source: ABC7 News / YouTube

The women agreed on a price of $315; they even discussed house rules, typical daily schedules, and the doggy cam located on the kitchen counter.

“She had 210 five-star reviews and I’m thinking, okay, this is great,” Brown told ABC 7 News (via New York Post).

Source: ABC7 News / YouTube

The key exchange and first day of the dog sitting went off without a hitch…but then Rosie received an alert from her doggy cam.

So, she decided to check in with the app — and what she found horrified her.

Source: ABC7 News / YouTube

“On the preview on the alert, it showed a man in our house, someone that I wasn’t expecting,” the down owner said. “So I opened it up and that’s when I saw she was there with a man in our house and they were going straight for our bedroom.”

The footage showed the dog sitter making out with a man inside her client’s home; the pair went into the bedroom (presumably to have sex).

Source: ABC7 News / YouTube

Over the days, the dog sitter had the male guest over multiple times, going into the bedroom with him multiple times. On occasion, they even locked the dogs out of the room (the dogs she was supposed to be watching).

Rosie believes that Casey and the man were having sex in the house, although the dog sitter denies it (even after being caught on film).

If that wasn’t enough, though, the doggy cam even recorded Brengle sitting on the sofa naked. In response to this, Brengle said, “It got hot … I don’t like wearing clothes.”

Source: ABC7 News / YouTube

Not only was the dog sitter completely disrespectful of her client’s home, personal safety, and belongings, but she also failed to exercise the dogs as promised. Instead of taking the pups out for 30-60 minute walks (as promised through the agreement via the Wag app), she would only take them outside for 5 minute intervals.

Rosie had no choice but to file a complaint with Wag. The company decided to suspend Casey Brengle — and rightfully so. “The reported behavior in this situation is unacceptable and contrary to our Community Guidelines … We expect everyone on the Wag! platform to conduct themselves professionally,” Wag said in a statement responding to the incident.

The company also offered to pay Rosie for cleaning services and a locksmith, but the damage had been done. Her home and her safety had been violated, all because an untrustworthy person was able to list their services through the app.

If you let a stranger take care of your children, pets, or home, it’s important to do your due diligence to ensure that person can be responsible and not endanger the lives of people or pets you care about. Imagine being states away from your loved ones and seeing their sitter behave in such a manner; it would be truly terrifying.