A Missouri woman took her Newfoundland dog, Ruger, to the groomer for a haircut. When she arrived to pick the dog up, the dog no longer looked like a Newfie.

Carli Cunningham got a case of the giggles when she discovered her dog received a “pantless haircut.” From the front, Ruger has the typical Newfie haircut, but from behind he looks like a Poodle!

Source: Caters Clips/YouTube

Since Carli’s groomer was out of town, she decided to try a new one. Due to a miscommunication with the new groomer, her pooch wound up naked on his entire backside.

“The damage was done and I was so mad I laughed, a lot,” Carli told The Daily Mail. “Ruger came running out of the groomer’s back room as if he was the other man in a cheating woman’s house!”

Source: Caters Clips/YouTube

Once the duo got in their car, Carli got a case of the giggles as she videotaped the funky grooming result on poor Ruger. The doggo looks totally embarrassed, and can you blame him?

We feel your pain and think you look styling for summer, Ruger! Watch the funny antics in the video below.