A woman who stole an RV took cops on a wild chase in Los Angeles, California.

During the 30-minute chase, she smashed up six cars and slammed into trees.

And she wasn’t alone.

Aboard the stolen RV were two dogs who had also been stolen. The dogs, who were terrified and confused, peered outside of the speeding RV. One even decided to jump out of the smashed windshield, but was thankfully retrieved.

Both dogs were taken in by Foxy and the Hounds, a dog rescue in Southern California, who nursed them both back to help.

Both dogs had microchips, but the info was outdated and their owners never came forward. With that being said, both pups were put up for adoption with one special request: the adopters had to have experience with Mastiffs.

Jen Latham and Shawn Mooers, from Bend, Oregon, had watched the high-speed chase.

“Right when I saw the story, I looked at Shawn and I said, ‘I just feel like these dogs are supposed to be mine,'” Latham told Inside Edition.

They immediately put in an application to the rescue, and since they had experience with Mastiffs and seemed like the perfect fit, the couple was selected.

The couple then drove 13 hours to meet their new additions. Thankfully, the pair got to stay together and these pups, now named Starlet and Onyx, will now enjoy life in a loving home.

The suspect, Julie Ann Rainbird, has a long criminal history including burglary, meth possession and identity theft. She has been charged with DUI in the RV chase.