One of the wildest and craziest police chases ever is making headlines again because it involves dogs. Almost two million people have viewed the RV chase between 52-year-old Julie Ann Rainbird and the police.

The entire 3-minute scene took place on busy California roadways with speeds getting as high as 60 miles an hour. The woman stole the vehicle and took the police on a hot pursuit that could have ended much worse than it did.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Sadly, Rainbird had two dogs with her in the vehicle. One of the animals lept out of a smashed window at a high rate of speed, and the other one was a part of a crash. The driver pled guilty to nine felony counts.

Both pups were nursed back to health thanks to southern California dog rescue, Foxy and the Hounds. Although both had microchips, they were outdated and the true owners never came forward even after the story made international headlines.

Oregon residents Jen Latham and Shawn Mooers watched the high-speed chase and decided to help the pets involved. Thousands of people applied to adopt them, but the couple prevailed and made the 13-hour drive to get their new pack members.

The Mastiff duo was given two new names for their fresh start to life: Starlett and Onyx. We wish them both well, and you can view the incredible chase in the video below.