Ryan Landy was at a loss for words after his brand new Roomba cleaner innocently ran over his dog’s poop. Now, instead of a relatively clean house, he has to deal with a house covered in a fine film of dog poop!


Source: Ryan Landy/Facebook


Ryan cheekily shared his plight on Facebook saying, “I’m going to need therapy”. Looking at the pictures of his floor and his Roomba, we do feel sorry for Ryan. Cleaning his poop-smeared house is one thing but getting poop out of the nooks and crevices of the cleaner is an entirely different nightmare!

Pictures of the Roomba’s dog-poop mishap quickly went viral. While many were left laughing, some called him out for not training his dog well. At this, Ryan recently shared a follow-up post about the dog in question – his new rescue dog named “Apollo” who’s still in potty training!


Source: Ryan Landy/Facebook


Honestly, Apollo is so cute that we’re sure Ryan couldn’t be mad at him. However, to prevent further catastrophes, Ryan now keeps the doors locked in whatever room the Roomba is cleaning in. He hopes others learn from his mistake and dodge the disasters of a confused Roomba!

Click the video below to watch another hilarious incident of a clueless Roomba working its magic on dog poop!