A dog named Bobby was surrendered to Miami Dade Animal Services through no fault of his own. In fact, he won over the hearts of every staff member with his loveable personality.

But despite how great Bobby was, he was still overlooked by everyone who visited the shelter. So much time passed that he was placed on their code red list. Staff began to worry that Bobby would never find a forever home.

They posted a photo of Bobby looking very sad in his Christmas sweater to their Facebook page, explaining that Bobby was in dire need of adoption and that they would even pay for his adoption fees.

The heartbreaking picture of Bobby quickly went viral, and people all over the country were offering their homes to the poor pup.

Thankfully, they found the perfect home for him, where Bobby will get to spend Christmas! Now he can wear his holiday sweater in a loving home rather than in a shelter with a death sentence.

There are tons of animals stuck in shelters this holiday season. Visit your local shelter today to find your perfect match. You could make another pup just like Bobby so happy for the holidays!