Dogs have a way of leaving pawprints on our hearts forever. When 92-year-old former Holland resident, Sally Rewehooeern, moved to Washington state, she found a best friend of the furriest kind.

The kind woman moved to Washington state in 1953 and spent much of her childhood amongst animals on a farm. Sally developed a close bond to neighbor David Mazzarella’s Saint Bernard dog, Brody.

Source: BlizzardandLulu/Instagram

Since she lived alone for close to 30 years, having a puppy to brighten her spirits was just what she needed to cheer up and not feel so lonely.

“He just wanders round into my house on his own whenever he fancies it which takes me back to my days growing up on farms surrounded by dogs in Holland,” Sally told Express UK.

Source: BlizzardandLulu/Instagram

The Mazzarella’s other dog, Lulu, was an Internet sensation with their first Saint Bernard, Blizzard, and now photos of Brody and Sally are melting hearts everywhere.

Source: BlizzardandLulu/Instagram

“When he passed she was very sad,” Mazzarella shared. “Then when I told her that I bought another puppy from Tula, Russia and she was so happy.”

Watch the dynamic duo in the sweet video below. Dogs are the best!

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Visiting with Miss Sally❤️

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