When Dallas Animal Services found a German Shepherd mix and her newborn litter of 11 puppies outside a Texas elementary school, they immediately took the canine family in. But the workers were shocked when they found one of the female puppies sporting a “handlebar mustache” just like the Spanish painter, Salvador Dali!

Source: fosterdogsoftexas/Instagram

The brown-and-white-coated puppy was aptly named Salvador Dolly, and her adorable pictures went insanely viral on social media. People were stunned to see the permanent pattern lining her mouth that completely resembles the classic handlebar mustache!

Source: fosterdogsoftexas/Instagram

In the meantime, Whitney Fang and Kevin Zhu from “Hearts and Bones Animal Rescue” came forward to foster Dolly and her entire family. Adoption requests came flooding in for Dolly, but the 5-week-old puppy was too young to be separated from her mother.

Source: Caters_News/Rumble

It was difficult to pick the perfect home for Dolly, but the shelter eventually chose Ryan Landry and Scott Martino to be Dolly’s new parents. Apart from having a comfortable home, Dolly also has the sweet company of a Jack Russell Terrier sister named Violet!

Source: heartsandbonesrescue/Instagram

Ryan and Scott feel that Dolly loves playing and goofing around, but she is essentially a laid-back lap dog. She’s growing up really fast, but her signature mustache is still very much intact! Thanks to Dolly’s viral fame, many of her siblings and shelter mates were also able to get adopted. Dolly is truly a superstar dog!

Click the video below to watch Dolly’s distinguished mustache as she gets ready for adoption day!