Samantha, a beautiful white puppy, was dumped outside an abandoned parking lot of Sam’s Club in Memphis, Tennessee. She kept howling and peeping into cars for 9 long days, before finally being rescued by Mary Murphy from Arrow Dog Rescue.


Source: Kimberley Slown‎/Facebook


However, the rescue wasn’t easy by any means. Initially, Samantha was mistrustful and skittish. She wouldn’t let anyone touch her. She just wanted her owner to come back and take her home. So, Mary just brought along her pet dog and patiently waited for Samantha to come around.

After 3-and-a-half-days of waiting, Samantha finally felt safe around Mary’s pet dog, which gave Mary enough courage to approach Samantha without scaring her. Samantha accepted Mary’s help and followed her home.


Source: Arrow Dog Rescue-Animal Rescue Revolution on Wheels/Facebook


Mary later brought Samantha to the shelter. The volunteers posted Samantha’s story on social media. Soon, many people came forward to offer Samantha a safe and loving forever home.


Source: Arrow Dog Rescue-Animal Rescue Revolution on Wheels/Facebook


The volunteers chose the perfect home for Samantha, but the poor pup was still traumatized by her past abandonment. However, her new family patiently waited for her to come out of her shy shell. Today, all of Samantha’s fear and uncertainties have faded away with the limitless love she receives from her new family! What a heartwarming rescue!

Click the video below to watch Samantha’s haunting howls as she waits for her owner who cruelly abandoned her in the empty parking lot.