Lexi the Samoyed likes to start her days with a walk, but there’s a problem: sometimes Dad sleeps in longer than she does. While we’ve seen plenty of other “dog alarm clock” videos, Lexi has the most gentle way of trying to get her Dad’s attention, and it’s adorable.

Excited to start her day but not wanting to be rude, Lexi takes the spot next to Dad on the bed. She looks at him for a bit before carefully placing a paw on his chest. She pats him a few times in the cutest attempt to wake him. Dad’s quick acknowledgement shows that he’s not quite ready to get up yet, so the Samoyed kicks it up a notch.

Some kisses on the nose and a paw on the mouth should do the trick, right? Not so fast! Lexi may have to accept the fact that it might be Mom walking her this morning. Too cute! 😉