A woman visiting a cemetery found a puppy struggling to walk. She was so frightened. She shook from all the noises around her; her trauma soon became obvious. Her foot was badly injured. The nice woman called Eldad with Hope For Paws. He rushed over to help out.

The poor puppy was famished. Thankfully, the woman gained her trust and she laid beside her, eager to be pet. Eldad arrived with a hot dog in hand, and of course, he had his lucky leash. A funeral was going on nearby and the dog was frightened of the cars coming and going. The pup shook from fear and pain. They did their best to comfort her.

Eldad scanned the pup for a microchip but nothing registered. Where did she come from? Was she dumped there on purpose or did she wander there looking for food?

One thing seemed obvious, her foot injury was likely caused by a vehicle. This poor girl needed medical attention immediately. The woman and Eldad put the lucky leash around her. Now it was time to leave the cemetery behind and head to the medical center.

The puppy, later named Sapphire because of her beautiful eyes, had a severe limp. Eldad wasn’t sure if her leg was broken or her paw. He knew she was in pain and time was critical.

Now safely back at the medical center, Sapphire allowed the vet to examine her leg. In fact, she was such a good and patient girl… likely because she realized that these nice people had only good intentions and she knew she needed help. The vet confirmed that Sapphire is indeed a puppy.

Sapphire went for an x-ray. The x-ray revealed what they suspected, Sapphire’s paw was badly broken. Eldad got Sapphire in the car right away to head over to the surgeon’s office. She had to have surgery immediately to repair her fragile bones.

The surgery was a success! Sapphire did amazing and she was such a trooper! Eldad came to pick her up after surgery and Sapphire was thrilled to see him. He took her outside and the grass felt so good! Sapphire felt better and wanted to play. Eldad had to remind her to take it easy.

Sapphire was now ready for her foster home with Foxy and The Hounds. Everyone fell in love with her (and who can blame them?!). Eldad went to visit her and WHOA she grew… a lot!

In a heartbeat, Sapphire was permanently adopted. She found her forever home so fast thanks to her amazing rescuers. Thank you to all the volunteers who work so hard to make sure these deserving animals are safe. Click play on the video below to see Sapphire’s rescue and new home.