Sarah, the dog, had the misfortune of spending the early years of her life with a severely neglectful owner. She was given a few moments of recognition as a pup, but after that, she was kept on a short chain in a small, filthy box outdoors for years to come.


Source: PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)/YouTube


Sarah’s owners were well aware of the fact that she craved for a loving touch. But after leaving her uncared for in that mucky box, they started calling her “yucky”. As time passed by, Sarah morphed into a depressed dog, and her crusty, teary eyes just screamed for help.

Thankfully, PETA came to know about Sarah’s abusive solitary confinement. They took great pains to get to her. When a rescuer finally touched Sarah, the poor dog just leaned in with the saddest eyes, begging to be saved from her sickening, boxed existence.


Source: PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)/YouTube


After freeing her and getting her the necessary treatment and care, Sarah transformed completely! She is in her new forever home now, where she receives an abundance of cuddles and kisses. She runs free, kisses the family’s dog and fits right in with the kids. As we see her smile with humans that truly cherish her, we know that her “yucky” days are over for good!

Click the video below to watch sweet Sarah’s journey towards finding her true family!