Sarah the Hound dog was very happy when she was taken in by a seemingly nice family as a puppy. But the family only “adored” her when she was young and tiny. As she started growing up, the family realized they never actually wanted a dog. So they locked her out in a filthy pen infested by diseased flies.

Source: PETA/YouTube

As Sarah started growing up chained and isolated, she was heartbroken at the uncaring attitude of her owners. They barely ever fed her, or even spared her a glance. When she begged for love, the owners made fun of her and called her “Yucky”. Devoid of any interaction whatsoever, Sarah became sick and depressed.

Sarah’s condition was reported to some PETA workers. When the rescuers arrived at her pen, she was weak with dreadful infections and crusty eyes. The rescuers whisked her away and cleaned her up. When Sarah finally realized that she had been set free from her solitary confinement, she tearfully hugged her rescuer and broke down in her arms!

Source: PETA/YouTube

In this video, we see Sarah’s first steps in her new home. After facing years of loathing and indifference, Sarah finally has a home where people make her feel loved and wanted! Unfortunately, many dogs live through sick treatment by their owners of a daily basis. Let’s raise our voices against such coldhearted abuse by apathetic owners!

Click the video below to watch Sarah’s disturbing living situation before rescue.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.