In Melbourne, Australia, an 8-week-old puppy named Sasha, was stolen from the Hood’s family home this past Monday. Along with Sasha, a laptop, iPads, passports, and jewelry were also taken. The family was devastated by the break-in and although the items would be missed, the only thing that truly concerned them was Sasha and her safety. Unlike the material things, Sasha is irreplaceable.

Photo courtesy of Victoria Police

The Hood family’s 4-year-old daughter Maia felt Sasha’s loss the most. The two had formed an unbreakable bond. Maia spent every night sleeping in Sasha’s dog bed instead of sleeping in her own. The Victoria police commissioner, Graham Ashton, and Maia’s father, Ryan Hood, took to Facebook to address the thieves personally, hoping to appeal to their human side. If there was one.

Hood expressed the loss his family was feeling, especially his daughter. “[She] was her best friend and we’re just hoping that we can get her back,” Hood added. “The family feels incomplete without her around.” Then, overnight as the family slept, Sasha was left in their backyard, in perfect health. None of the other stolen items were returned but the family is grateful that what was truly missed the most is finally home, safe and sound! “We like to think that whoever took her grew a conscience, but possibly they were spooked by all the media attention,” Hood told Australian publication Tenplay. “Either way, we are just happy to have her back.”  And we are happy to see a little girl smile again!