A police officer executed a search warrant on a man’s room at the Suburban Lodge in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area. However, as he approached the room he could smell “disease and infection from the hallway.”

Once inside, police discovered a nine-month-old German Shepherd puppy in a crate. She had no water, was covered in urine and feces, emaciated, immobile, and covered with infection and disease all over her body.

Source: WPDE

One of the officers on the case wrote in his report that the dog was trying to eat hair and feces from inside the crate.

Sadly, the pooch was near death from infection and in definite need of emergency vet care.

Source: Reddit

The crate and room created an immediate danger to public health and safety as well as for staff and the nearby public.

The suspect, 21-year-old Christopher Sauber, was arrested and charged with ill-treatment of animal. He was also cited for four ordinance violations, including rabies shots, nuisance animals, abandoned or mistreated animals and pet license.

We are grateful for authorities who acted just in time to save the dog.