Sadly, there is evil in this world. There is more good than evil, however, we come across stories like this one and realize evil truly does exist. If you don’t agree then what would you say about someone who enjoys watching a dog suffer?



In Greece, the owners of a dog decided it would be fun to dye their dog red. But they didn’t stop at that. After they dyed her fur red, they went ahead and abandoned her on the streets. How cruel!

The dog was brought into a shelter and fittingly named Scarlet. The rescuers and shelter staff were shocked at the inhumanity of her previous owners. They took her to the vet and got her vaccinated and treated. Then she got a good bath. But the color didn’t go away fully.



The color kept going away bit by bit with each bath. Meanwhile, the shelter put up her pictures and story on social media, and it caused a storm. Hundreds of people commented, showing their displeasure towards the way she was treated by her previous owners.



The social media storm had a positive impact for Scarlet, who found an adopter among those who came upon her story. She’s been adopted, and now lives in a loving new home, where she won’t be dyed or abandoned for the fun of it.

So please be kind to animals, and make sure to visit a shelter, and adopt, in case you’re looking to get a pet. There are many ‘Scarlets’ out there looking for forever homes.