Babysitting a crying 8-month-old infant can be trying on even the kindest grandma’s nerves. However, one grandmother soon figured out a way to soothe her crying granddaughter.

The baby was very unhappy and unable to be consoled. That’s when grandma scooped up the most adorable Schnauzer puppy and placed her gently in the baby’s lap.

As if by magic, the puppy managed to turn the girl’s frown upsidedown. The baby is smitten by the furry animal as much as everyone who watches the video is. The tears go away and a smile is seen across the beautiful face of the baby.

When grandma asks her, “Is that a sweet puppy,” the baby coos and giggles because she is in love with her new pal.

The pup looks comfortable and at ease, too, so everybody wins. The child even looks adoringly at the pup to be sure her friend is okay. This is too precious for words!

See for yourself by pressing play on the video below. Enjoy!