Littering and dumping garbage into the ocean is illegal, but people still do it anyway. Beachgoers in Fort Morgan, Alabama, witnessed the harsh reality of what happens to animals of the ocean when humans stop caring.

The endangered Kemps Ridley sea turtle recently washed up on the beach shoreline with a beach chair wrapped around its neck.

Source: Facebook/Matt Ware

Volunteer with Share the Beach, Richard Brewer, told FOX10 News, “Sea turtles are important enough that we will go to whatever lengths we can to protect them. It’s very heartbreaking to know that it’s something that could have been prevented.”

Sadly, National Geographic says that over-harvesting of turtle eggs is the cause of the endangerment. As a result, this turtle species have been unable to rebound.

Source: Facebook/Matt Ware

Officials and beach conservationists are warning beachgoers to leave only footprints and not trash when they exit the beach. Sadly, people must constantly be reminded to be respectful and clean up. We’ve got to do better.