A rescued earless seal is living his best life at the Okhotsk Tokkari Center in Japan. The sweet-natured seal was rescued and hand-reared by the folks at the center. The marine conservation facility takes in earless seals because they are so good at helping them.

One seal, in particular, was given a lookalike stuffed animal. Staff wondered if the earless seal would like his new furry friend, and when you see the photos, you can see what a big hit this was!

Source: Twitter/@mombetsu_land

The sweet seal gave his stuffed buddy a piggyback ride, spent some time snuggling it, and even appeared to be smiling for it!

Since “tokkari” is the Ainu word for earless seal, the staff at the center knew exactly how to brighten this seal’s day.

Source: Twitter/@mombetsu_land

Once the photos hit Twitter, they were shared over 24,000 times with almost 37,000 likes.

This might be the cutest video we’ve seen in ages, so give it a peek by pressing play below.