Guide dogs are supposed to stay with their person at all times. Their role is to be a silent partner in guiding them with every step they take. A seeing eye dog is a fully functioning set of eyes for the person who relies on the dog’s assistance. So when a dog abandoned his owner, where on earth could he have gone?

Source: YouTube

In a heartwarming video making its rounds across social media, a seeing eye dog is stationed with his owner at home. The duo is about to leave the house, and the loyal Labrador Retriever is right by the man’s side.

We see them walking the streets, obviously headed towards their destination. The dog is able to help the man maneuver exactly where he needs to go.

Source: YouTube

They cross a street together, and then its into the coffee house. Suddenly, the dog abandons the man. Where on earth would he go and why would he leave the blind man alone?

You must see how this video plays out by pressing play below. What a clever commercial spot for PayUMoney.