A woman named Senta Evans wanted to let her dogs out to play in the backyard pool of her Florida home. As she checked the pool for any potential hazards, she was shocked to see a gigantic alligator resting at the bottom.

Source: Senta Evans/CBS 12 News

Senta called her husband, Mike, for help. But the couple realized that the 9-foot, 300-pound alligator would require a professional to handle. They made a rescue call to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

The couple got it all on video, as the trapper worked for a good 20 minutes to hoist the giant reptile out of the pool. The trapper believes that the alligator must have snuck in from under the chain linked fence to enter the yard.

Source: Senta Evans/CBS 12 News

The alligator is safe and will be relocated to a suitable habitat. Meanwhile, FWC has asked people to stay wary as it is the onset of alligator mating season, which might prompt more such reptiles to come out of their natural habitat. Like with Senta, it is always prudent to check for safety just to make sure.

Click the video below to watch the massive alligator being pulled out of the pool with much difficulty!