Amidst the busy travelers, long lines, and the sights and sounds of a hectic airport, Ellie the Labrador Retriever recently caused quite the stir. The service dog went into labor, delivering a healthy litter of eight puppies! She got by with a little help from family, friends, and paramedics. As most moms can attest, when the babies are ready for a landing, it’s all systems go!

While waiting in line to board a flight at Tampa International Airport in Florida, Eleanor Rigby the service dog, aka “Ellie,” went into labor. Passengers were surprised to see a dog giving birth as they headed for their gates. Fortunately, no one seemed to mind waiting through the three-hour ordeal. What better way to spend time waiting for a flight than to see the miracle of puppies being born!

Onlookers seized the moment to snap photos and capture videos to share across social media.

The quick-thinking team from Tampa Fire and Rescue helped Ellie deliver seven healthy boys and one girl amidst the hustle and bustle of the airport. The dog mom’s owner, Diane Van Atter, was kind enough to name two puppies after two of the paramedics. Natalie and Larry are two of the great eight litter of Labrador pups born that day. Proud papa, Nugget, watched nearby as his children entered the world.

This is one airline story we are thrilled to report has a happy ending! Get ready to join in the oohs and ahhs as you melt into the cuddle puddle shown in the video below!