Disneyland is a place where dreams come true and memories are made. Children of all ages find themselves falling in love with Disney and its characters. Apparently, dogs feel the same way at Disneyland. Just ask service pup trainee, Elijah, about his recent run-in with Cinderella.

While visiting Disneyland, the Golden Retriever mixed breed was working to gain confidence and become relaxed around people.

Source: Instagram/@fosteringpuppies

Elijah’s handler, Ashley Whit, took her adorable trainee to meet the one and only Cinderella. She wondered if the doting doggo would be smitten with the beautiful princess.

It took just a look from Cinderella, and it was love at first sight. Puppy love took over, and Elijah settled right into Cinderella’s beautiful dress.

Source: Instagram/@fosteringpuppies

Of course, the magical princess was smitten as a kitten, too. She gave the dog cuddles, talked to him, and even said she could spend all day with him.

Perhaps Elijah is her Prince Charming in disguise! You’ve got to see this beautiful moment by pressing play on the video below.