A 7-year-old girl with epilepsy recently received a wonderful surprise at the end of the school year. Hadley Jo Lange of Louisville, Kentucky, was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was just 16 months old.

“It hit us out of nowhere,” Hadley Jo’s mom, Heather, shared. “I thought I’d lost her.”

Source: Heather DeVore Lange/Facebook

Realizing her daughter would need someone to always help her and watch out for her, Heather started looking into service animals. In less than six months’ time, parishioners at St. Patrick’s Church raised $20,000 so the child could have her own service dog.

Hadley Jo and Ariel, her Labradoodle service dog, have a strong bond. Heather says it means the world to her to see others accept Hadley Jo’s difference and know that Ariel is there for her.

Source: Heather DeVore Lange/Facebook

Recently, St. Patrick Catholic School’s annual yearbook was printed. Inside among all the other photos of students is one of Hadley Jo, but she isn’t alone. Right next to her is a photo of Ariel, the faithful Labradoodle who ensures she lives a full life.

What a beautiful reminder of the goodness in the world! More about the duo can be seen in the video below.