It was Easter when Sharky, a giant Pit Bull, found a tiny wild Cottontail bunny roaming in the backyard of his house. He instantly fell in love with the bunny, and carried him indoors. This sweet video captures the precious moments of their first meet.



The tiny bunny is clearly scared of Sharky. It had been raining outside, and Sharky notices that the garden bunny is all muddy, and could use some cleaning and scrubbing. Like a sweet guardian, Sharky licks the bunny on all sides to rub away the dirt!

The bunny rabbit realizes that the giant Sharky means no harm, and is just looking out for him. So, he lets go of all his inhibitions, and cozies up to Sharky. Sharky’s parents were moved by Sharky’s gesture, and decided to let him adopt the bunny.



Sharky loves to interact with all kinds of animals in his home, ranging from mischievous cats to little chickens. No wonder he loves being the big brother to all the adorable critters in the neighborhood. This video has, once again, proved that Pit Bulls are one of the most loving and nurturing breeds of dogs ever!

Click the video below to watch the beautiful bond between Sharky and the wild bunny!