The images in this story contain graphic content and may be disturbing to some readers; discretion is advised.

Oktibbeha County Humane Society was contacted regarding a dog who was found wandering with his snout tightly taped shut near Hwy 404 and Shaw Road in Webster County, Mississippi.

The tape was wrapped around his nose and jaw, so his mouth couldn’t open. His tongue protruded from his taped mouth, and his nose and tongue had swelled up with the tongue turning black from losing blood flow.

OCHS worked together with several other rescues, as well as members of the community, to humanely trap the dog and another pup who he was with.

Once they were caught, they were both rushed to the vet for medical care. They decided to name the dogs Shaw and Pilgrim.

They spent a while gently cutting the tape off of Shaw’s mouth, and then he underwent surgery to repair his wounds and tears that the tape caused.

He is now receiving ’round the clock care from staff at OCHS and Pilgrim is with him, keeping Shaw’s spirits up while he recovers.

The young Lab/Hound mix is now using his tongue better than vets thought he would. He was licking staff and has blood supply back to the area. Vets are optimistic that he’ll regain total function of his tongue, but only time will tell.

Shaw is expected to make a full recovery and will eventually be available for adoption with Pilgrim once he is fully healed.

OCHS is now offering a $200 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or people responsible for taping Shaw’s mouth shut.

All tips can be sent anonymously to the Webster County Sheriff’s Department at 662-258-7701.