Most people have tried cheating on their exercise some time or the other. Well, this dog is no exception.

This Sheltie’s mom thought it would be fun to teach the dog how to run on a treadmill. Although she doesn’t make him run on the treadmill often, this dog still loathes the gym equipment and shows his disdain for it by cheating.



He slowly reduces his running speed until his back legs are on the non-moving part of the treadmill. Then he uses just his front legs to run. He thinks he’s so smart, but mom catches him in the act!



As soon as mom says, “You’re cheating”, he immediately gets back on the treadmill on all fours and runs like nothing happened. But within moments he tries to cheat again! This dog is the cutest repeat offender ever!

Click the video below to watch this adorable Sheltie cheating on the treadmill.