Shey didn’t belong in a shelter but sadly, there he was.  His owner was forced to move and could no longer care for the 14-year-old, deaf, half-blind little dog. Shey has severe dental disease, leaving him with just one tooth in his mouth. Because of his age, and special needs, Shey remained in the shelter for four long months.

A boy, named Tristan, came into the shelter several months after Shey’s arrival. He was interested in adopting a small dog who loves cuddles. The shelter staff knew that he and Shey would be a perfect match but would a young kid want an old dog like Shey?

“Shey is super sweet and wants to be near people all the time,” Jessica Jorgenson, digital content coordinator for the rescue, told The Dodo.

With fingers crossed, shelter staff sat Tristan down in the waiting room and went to get Shey. The moment Shey was placed in Tristan’s lap it was like the two had been meant for one other. Tristan couldn’t stop smiling and Shey acted like a puppy again!

The staff began to explain to Tristan that Shey was on a strict schedule and needed frequent visits to the vet. Tristan took out his phone and typed everything down. They went on to explain that Shey’s hearing loss and limited sight would mean that he needed some extra attention. Tristan was totally on board!

“He understood that Shey couldn’t hear what was going on and might not be able to see things clearly, so he was very slow with his actions,” Jorgenson said. “He was just very respectful of what Shey could and couldn’t handle.”

Staff continued to review Shey’s special instructions. Tristan explained that he already had a special place in his room just for the little dog. The staff realized that Shey would be safe and happy with Tristan, and decided that this adoption was a match made in heaven!

Now that Shey is home with his new family, he’s a very happy dog! His future looked bleak but now it’s as bright as the afternoon sky!

The family realizes they may not have a lot of time with Shey so they are cherishing each and every day together.

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Posted by Animal Rescue League of Iowa on Thursday, March 22, 2018

h/t The Dodo