When Shortcake was found on the streets of Fresno, California, she was in a terrible condition. She had hernia and mange, her skin smelled rotten, and she showed signs of abuse. But what caught the eyes of rescuers from Fresno Bully Rescue was her brave and sweet smile despite all her hardships!



Shortcake was rescued and treated, and she never stopped grinning at her caregivers. When potential adopter Amy Matsushima set eyes on Shortcake, she immediately fell in love with her happy, cuddly demeanor. Thus, Shortcake’s days of hardship were finally over!

Today, Shortcake is the happiest and healthiest puppy in her neighborhood. She loves napping, playing with other dogs, going to her mom’s workplace, and snuggling with little kids. As she goes about spreading sunshine, it seems as if she has a permanent smile pasted on her face.



Amy and her family are so grateful to have Shortcake grace their home. She makes silly jokes and playful passes on mom, but most of the time, she just smiles. Her goofiness and outgoing personality brightens up everyone’s days.



What a happy dog! We hope more and more people look into adopting rescue dogs, as they have so much love to spread!

Click the video below to watch Shortcake’s uplifting story, filled with the prettiest of smiles!