A California couple is grieving after they claim their nine-month old Pug, Shrimp, died in the care of a Rover dog sitter.

Victor Reznik and Constance Melkonian, of Los Feliz, are desperately searching for answers after they say the sitter left Shrimp’s body in a plastic bin on their porch for more than 48 hours.

The couple had just landed at the airport after a trip to Spain when they received a text from the dog-sitter, which read “please call me.” When Melkonian called the sitter, the sitter told them the Shrimp had been dead since the day before.

The sitter then put the puppy in a bin and left it on their front porch in the heat for nearly two days.

“Nobody like this should be around any kind of animal,” Reznik told KTLA 5. “It was gross negligence and abusive, and to leave a dog decomposing in your front yard for 48 hours is disgusting.”

Thankfully, their other dog who was left in the sitter’s care was OK.

The sitter has yet to tell them how he died, and they say Rover has not done much to help them either.

Rover gave the couple a $100 credit to “vet new dog walkers,” and said they can’t give the couple any more information due to their confidentiality policy.

Rover spokesman Dave Rosenbaum put out a statement saying their team is conducting an in-depth investigation and has already terminated the sitter from using Rover.

“I’d like to highlight an important distinction — pet care providers who offered their services on the platform are not Rover employees, but independent business owners,” Rosenbaum said in his statement. “Pet care providers who offer their services through our platform must pass a background check, complete a safety quiz, and have their profile reviewed by a member of our team. We regularly monitor reviews left by pet parents to ensure our high-quality standards for care are being met. We also offer educational opportunities to sitters focused on dog safety and wellbeing.”