Wildlife photographers are always on the lookout for interesting and intimate moments within the fascinating animal kingdom. While their job can be quite challenging because of its demanding nature, it also has its rewarding moments that make it worth the pain.


Source: @mamekoro51/Twitter


A wildlife photographer from Japan had a similar jubilant feeling when she encountered a very sweet meerkat family in Inokashira Natural Cultural Park in Musashino City, Tokyo. The mama meerkat had just given birth and was nursing her litter of pups. The photographer got incredibly lucky when a curious baby meerkat took to her and started approaching her.

The photographer greeted the little one and started taking some pictures of her. However, the starry-eyed little meerkat was so camera shy that she adorably tiptoed back behind a pillar and hid herself!


Source: @mamekoro51/Twitter


The photographer managed to capture some pretty cute shots of the shy baby peeping at her from behind the pillar. She was probably just scared by the camera. When the baby knew that the camera was harmless, she started reaching out to her new human friend once again! Is it just us or did this delightful creature steal your hearts too?

Click the video below to watch the magical moments a camera crew shared with a meerkat family while filming them.