A young lion, still considered a cub, was used as a tourist attraction at a resort. When he was smaller, tourists could come up and hold him for a fee. If they opted to take photos with him, they paid even more. It was a lucrative gig until he got too big to hold.

Instead of surrendering the lion, named Simba, to a sanctuary, the monsters broke his legs and dumped him inside of a cold barn. Simba luckily escaped by dragging his body out. Someone heard him crying and came to save him. His rescuer was devastated by his condition. Who could be so callous and harm an innocent animal?

Simba was finally seen by a vet at a rescue center who confirmed that his injuries were intentional. He had internal injuries as well and those would require surgery. His paws were also badly damaged. The vet further explained that Simba’s paws were harmed in such a manner so he couldn’t run away as a baby. If he couldn’t run, he could be held longer by tourists.

Thankfully there is hope for Simba to recover. He’d need more than one surgery and physical therapy but he will be able to bear weight on his legs and paws. Simba settles into the sanctuary where he loves to play and make friends. He’s the sweetest thing!

As for pressing charges against his abusers, it won’t be easy. They make up excuses, they lie. They blame others. But people are still fighting for Simba, hoping he will get justice. He deserves justice as well as a happy life.

To see more about Simba, the bravest little lion, check out the video below. It is in Russian but you can opt to use English subtitles. We are so happy Simba is doing well and that is past is where it belongs– in the past!