An innocent and loving dog named Sky had the misfortune of having a sadistic owner who simply hated his playful ways. One day, the monster owner took a shovel and sliced the dog’s face in half as a “punishment” for pestering him to play.


Source: ViktorLarkhill/Rumble


The attack didn’t kill Sky, but he ended up losing the entire right side of his face. His right eye, ear and zygomatic bone were completely gone. The news of Sky’s abuse reached a family in Germany and they came forward to do everything in their power to save Sky’s life. The family contacted Spain’s prominent animal activist, Viktor Larkhill.

The family immediately made arrangements to send Sky to Spain. When Viktor examined Sky for the first time, he realized that the dog’s jaw was locked due to the abusive blow, which made eating and panting impossible. To address this critical situation, a team of vets performed an emergency maxillofacial reconstructive surgery on Sky.


Source: ViktorLarkhill/Rumble


It was a risky move, but also the only way to prevent Sky from being euthanized. Thankfully, the surgery was a success and Sky was able to eat and drink again without any trouble! After months of rehabilitation, Viktor finally decided that it was time for Sky to go back to the family who saved him and gave him a second chance at life!


Source: ViktorLarkhill/Rumble


In this video, we see Sky’s emotional journey as he travels back to Germany to reunite with his angelic saviors. It’s difficult to hold back tears when we witness Sky hugging his precious new family with a newfound sense of hope. We can tell that Sky is going to live a great life! With his indomitable survivor spirit and undefeated soul, Sky has proved that living a happy life is the best revenge against any abuser!

Click the video below to watch Sky’s incredibly heartwarming reunion with the family who saved him after abuse!

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.