Sometimes we just need a helping hand. The same is true for animals. For one sloth making headlines, what he thought would be an ordinary day, turned into an epic story that some lucky folks will never forget.

Source: Unsplash

Sloths are beloved creatures for many reasons. Sloths are adorable. Their features and fur pattern make them appear to be smiley friends we would love to hang out with (any day of the week!). They have long awkward limbs so they can hug trees. And those limbs are just too cute to resist.

Most often, sloths are out of reach, tucked safely away in trees. To see a wild sloth up close is a rare treat. A small group of very lucky people witnessed a sloth crossing the street. They watched in awe as he, very slowly, moved on his merry way to the other side.

The onlookers take photos and get quite close but the friendly sloth doesn’t seem to mind. As he makes his way to the other side, he is faced with a bit of an obstacle. To get to where he wants to go, he has to climb over a short concrete wall. For the sloth, this short wall may as well be a mountain! He just kind of stares at it like ‘how the heck am I going to make it up there’?

The sloth then tries his best to ‘scale’ the wall. But it proves difficult.

Source: Newsflare/YouTube

One man steps forward and gently picks the sloth up under his arms and helps him over.

It’s what happens next that is making sloth lovers from around the world super jealous! To thank his fans who are waving goodbye to him, and the man who made his day so much easier, the sloth turns and waves goodbye right back. It’s beyond incredible (and totes adorable!)

You have to watch the video to see for yourself! Don’t forget to share this. Especially with your friends who love sloths too!