If you are one of those people who just can’t seem to tear yourself away from a computer, tablet, or phone, we found a dog to help you stop. Some parents may crack down on their children for spending too much time online, but this pooch is cracking down on his dad.

As the guy lounges on the couch with a laptop, his adorable pup is fed up and ready to take action.

Source: NBC News

First, the cute fluffball puts his paws on the laptop and attempts to close the lid. When that doesn’t work, he gives Dad the staredown.

Finally, he pokes and prods at his dad’s arm to try to get him off the couch so the two can play together.

Source: NBC News

This is one dog who will not be ignored. He is clearly fed up with being second in line to his dad’s online addiction.

Stop reading, posting, commenting, liking, and sharing and watch the true boss of the house in action in the video below.