Bringing a dog into your home, and welcoming that precious animal into your family, is a forever commitment. Yet for some people, despite their dog’s loyalty and unwavering love, they think it’s okay to give up on them. One sweet senior dog, named Blackie, had a tumor on her tail. Through no fault of her own, of course, that tumor grew bigger and it began to bleed.

Blackie’s owners didn’t bring her to the vet as they should have. Instead, they wrapped her in a garbage bag, threw her in the backseat of their car, and drove her to the shelter. They didn’t want Blackie to bleed in their car so they thought a trash bag would suffice. A trash bag is for trash! Not for our precious pets!

The owners drove up to the shelter, handed the dog to the volunteers, and then drove off. It was as if the dog they had for ten years meant nothing! Thankfully Blackie only had to remain at the shelter for a short time. The shelter posted a video of her online and Frosted Faces Foundation (FFF) saw the sweet girl and knew they could help her.

Volunteers from FFF drove to the shelter to pick Blackie up. Amazingly, despite all she had been through and the pain she was in from her bleeding tail, Blackie was friendly and happy to meet her new human friends. Now with her new rescue organization, Blackie got the royal treatment. They gave her a nice bath, trimmed her nails, and made her feel worthy of everything. Just as she deserved!

Blackie was still in pain from her tumor and that had to be addressed asap. She was scheduled for surgery this following day. And Blackie did amazing! She came through surgery with flying colors! Her story was shared on FFF’s social media and before long, Blackie found her forever family.

Blackie’s new family welcomed her home and changed her name to Betty. They vowed to give her the best life possible. Knowing that Betty is in her “golden years,” her family just wanted to spoil her rotten. This is what a senior dog truly deserves!

We want to applaud Betty’s rescuers and new family. Every dog deserves the best life possible. No matter what! To see Betty’s story, scroll on down. And don’t forget to cherish your senior pets!